The last several years have laid bare the shortcomings of many of our pillar institutions—a lack of faith in the future has permeated every corner of our society—an ongoing pandemic has placed low-wage workers at the front of the fight while corporations continue to rake in record profits. Distrust in government and law enforcement has never been higher; education and the press are under constant assault and climate change continually ravages our lives, both directly and indirectly. Digital learning, coupled with the anxiety stemming from continual ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ events, has created a generation of students whose experience are not the same as their predecessors. However, these lows have fostered a newfound commitment to change in many students who want to leave the world a better place than they found it.

Here at GGU’S Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Social Justice Law Journal, we are proud to spotlight those voices. While distrust in our pillar institutions remains high, we continuously focus on our own four pillars: race, gender, sexuality, and social justice. Under each of these pillars, we have published work from our writers, bringing a unique perspective in each piece that serves as a reminder that a fresh perspective can make all the difference.


We hope this journal will elevate the voices of liberators to keep the movement going. 

Silvia Chairez-Perez
Founding Editor-in-Chief

Adversity comes in many forms, and the legal field isn’t structured to lift and represent people with different and valuable perspectives. This is why our journal exists. 

Tiffany Avila
Founding Managing Editor

Deep engagement with difficult issues about race, gender, and sexuality are essential for our survival as a democratic society. The responsibility to engage falls heavily on legal scholars and students who will be the workers who help rebuild the deep fractures in our legal and political landscape. 

Jyoti Nanda
Inaugural Faculty Advisor
Associate Professor of Law, GGU

My wish for this journal is that it will give voice to those whose stories are too often overlooked; it will empower legal advocates to pursue inclusive, meaningful equality in necessary and novel ways; and it will connect a broad community of scholars and activists for years to come.

Eric C. Christiansen
Interim Law Dean
Professor of Law

 If you are a current GGU Law Student and would like to apply to be a part of the RGSSJ Journal, please visit our Contact page.